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Possums and Squirrels and Skunks...Oh My!                 3/19/10

I mentioned a house full of skunks in my last entry, so here's the story: I'm working on a new children's book about animal tails and the last shot I needed was a stinky tail. I've seen plenty of skunks, but none in the lowcountry, and none that I had the oppurtunity to get a decent picture of. First of all they are nocturnal, and second of I really need to get to second of all? So I started my research on google: skunks + Charleston + SC produced a surprising amount of hits. The one that stood out was a couple in Summerville who volunteer for as animal rehabilitators. They take in wounded or orphaned animals and nurse them back to health until they can hopefully be released back into the wild.

So, I called them up and explained that I was hoping to photograph their skunks and they were very gracious and welcomed us into their home for a little photoshoot. My wife and daughters refused to be left at home, we all had to see what was going on. It was truly amazing, they have 33 skunks (all descented) living in the house and they are everywhere, 3 in a drawer here, 5 under a blanket on the bed and scurrying about all over. In addition to the 33 skunks, there were 7 or 8 new baby squirrels, an adult possum, 5 baby possums (smaller than your pinky), 4 or 5 ferrets, 3 prairie dogs, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a flying squirrel and a parakeet.

We were in awe the whole time, as they showed us all the creatures and told us many stories. After we got the whole tour and shot a bunch inside we took a couple of skunks into the backyard, so I could shoot a couple of more natural looking shots for my book. After I got the shot, my daughters were able to hold a few of the skunks for a quick photo which were big hits at show and tell!

Skunk Showing Displeasure
Skunk in the Backyard

Skunk as Pet
"Fancy" Posing With Amelia for a Show and Tell Photo

New Equipment                                                            3/11/10

I was able to sell some old gear last month and pick up 2 new cameras, a Nikon D700 and a Nikon D300s. Unfortunately, as it often does, life and doing the business part has for the most part gotten in the way of shooting with the new toys. So my weeks recently have been filled up with a lot of talking with new clients, chasing down leads and there's always work to do on my websites. But here and there, I've managed to get out for a few little shoots: a morning downtown, a day on the boat and a house full of skunks (but that's a whole story which I will tell you later).

Back to the gear, the 2 new camera bodies are welcome upgrades from my outdated Nikon D2X and D200. While the megapixels stayed the same (12.3) it's not how many, it's what you do with them. The technology has advanced substantially and you can see it as soon as the raw files hit the screen. The D700 has an FX sensor which is much larger than the previous DX sensors. This means that my wide angle lenses are wide once again, and the D700 also has inceredible low light capabilities, giving printable results at superfast ISOs. The D300s has the DX sensor, which still allows extra reach with my long lenses and with the MBD10 grip I get 8 frames per second, great for shooting wildlife.

Enough talk, here's a few shots with the new gear:

Charleston Ironwork
Charleston Ironwork Shot With the D300s

Rainbow Row Ironwork, Downtown Charlesston
Rainbow Row Ironwork Shot With the D300s

Gas Lantern South of Broad
Gas Lantern South of Broad

Beach Shot From Boat
Tough Day at the Office Shot With the D700

Kids on the Beach
Kids on the Beach Shot With the D700

Downtown Sunrise                                                       2/22/10

I managed to get downtown for a quick sunrise shoot a little while back and had to settle for just two decent photos before the sun rose up behind a thick layer of clouds. I haven't been able to post here lately with the continuing computer dilemnas but that doesn't mean nothing has been going on.

We finally seem to be getting a little closer to a Spring weather pattern as it was pushing 70 degrees yesterday a week after our first snow fall in a decade, and I think I can get back to shooting on a more regular schedule. I just purchased some new camera gear and updated to Photoshop CS4, so will be showing you some photos from the new gear soon, and discussing the upgrades.

Until then, here are the shots from downtown:

Ironwork on the window of a Waterfront Park Home
Ironwork on the Window of a Waterfront Park Home

A Lonely Waterfront Park Bench at Sunrise
A Lonely Waterfront Park Bench at Sunrise

Cutie Pa Tutus                                                              2/10/10

Despite the craziness of the last few weeks, I did manage to do a little shoot for a friend/client Amanda, owner of Cutie Pa Tutus. People aren't my specialty, but I have fun whenever we shoot for her, and my daughters get to play models and get paid in tutus!

Cutie Pa Tutus
Models Dancing in Their Cutie Pa Tutus

Cutie Pa Tutus Heir Strutting for the camera
Cutie Pa Tutus Heir Strutting for the camera

Cutie Pa Tutus
Cutie Pa Tutus Product Shot

Freshfields Village Art Walk                                           2/9/10

I've been fighting with computers for the last few weeks, so between about a dozen trips to 2 different computer shops for a blown graphics card a dead laptop and a monitor that will now have to be replaced I haven't gotten much shooting in. Taxes and tons of rain haven't helped either, but things should turn around soon.

I'll be having a little show this Friday evening at Seacoast Sports for the Freshfields Village Art Walk. I'll have some framed prints and my locally shot books available for sale, so please stop by and say hello.

Sunrise Reflecting Beyond Spartina Grasses
Sunrise Reflecting Beyond Spartina Grasses

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